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Alaska hunting: Sitka area

Hunting Alaska: Sitka location mapListen to a RealAudio ™ interview (5:44) with an Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist for additional information about hunting in the Sitka area.


Sitka black-tailed deer are abundant in the Sitka area, nearly as many as on Kodiak Island. There are few, if any trophy opportunities. Brown bear populations are among the most dense in the state, with approximately one bear per square mile, on average, on Admiralty Island. These bears also are rarely going to be found in the record books because of their smaller head size, but the hunting is unusual, exciting and memorable. The mountain goat population, transplanted early in the 20th century to Baranof Island, has fair numbers and is still slowly expanding. Access to the best populations is difficult .


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Hunting Seasons

Please check the current Alaska hunting regulations booklet for exact season timing. Bear season is open in the spring and fall. Most bears are taken in the spring. Deer seasons open in August and run through the end of the year. Most of the deer hunting is in September into early November. Goat season opens in August and closes in December. Most harvest is in the first two months.


The Sitka area is comprised of many small islands and three large islands, Admiralty, Baranof, and Chichagof. Sitka sits on Baranof Island. The shoreline is typically rocky and rugged, with some bays and other natural anchorages. The west coast of Baranof and Chichagof islands are open to the Pacific. Admiralty Island is in more protected waters. These islands are hilly or mountainous with dense forest cover.


There are few roads on the islands, except in logging areas. Sitka is served by regular jet service, and other small communities have scheduled commuter aircraft service. The Alaska Marine Highway serves the larger communities with regular ferry service from other Southeast Alaska ports. Transportation to remote areas is by float plane or boat.


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Spring season weather is generally warm and relatively (for this area) dry, but rain and wind is not unusual. In the fall, August is typically pleasant, with some wind and rain. Weather worsens as the year progresses. Hunters should always be prepared for inclement weather, and be willing to wait out storms.

Destination Information Resources

The Sitka Convention and Visitors Bureau has an informative website. Consult the Alaska Marine Highway if you plan to ship your vehicle, and most importantly, check out the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s website for more detailed information on hunting in Sitka.

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