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Alaska hunting: Ketchikan area

Listen to a RealAudio ™ interview (8:32) with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game area wildlife biologist for information about hunting southern Southeast Alaska.


Sitka black-tailed deer, mountain goats and black bear are the most abundant big game in the Ketchikan area. There are small pockets of moose on rivers coming out of the mainland. Wolves are common throughout the area. Brown bears are found on the mainland.

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Primo ExpeditionsMountain goats are an important part of the fauna in the mountains around Ketchikan.  These are rugged hunts, but worth the effort and expense for the trophy and the experience in this unique coastal rainforest environment.  Ed Toribio operates Primo Expeditions in Southeast Alaska and guided a hunter to the exceptional billy at right. Toribio has more than 20 years of hunting experience in Alaska, and conducts most of his expeditions in the Misty Fiords National Monument. Specializing in trophy mountain goats, Primo Expeditions also offers spring hunts for Brown and Black Bear and fall hunts for Sitka black-tailed deer and wolf. You can contact Toribio at (907) 225-8620 or e-mail [email protected] or visit his website for more information about Southeast Alaska hunting expeditions. [ADV] 

Hunting Seasons

Please check the current Alaska hunting regulations booklet for exact season timing. Bear hunting is a spring and fall activity. Hunting is generally not permitted during the summer. Deer and goat seasons open in late summer and continue until mid-winter. Wolf season is open during the period of pelt primeness. Moose season is open during the fall.


The Ketchikan area consists of islands and the adjacent Southeast Alaska mainland at the southern tip of the state. The land is mountainous and partially glaciated on the mainland east of Ketchikan and hilly or mountainous on the islands. Where trees grow, the land is heavily forested with thick underbrush. Mountains typically rise high enough that the vegetation gives way to subalpine and alpine plants, or just rocks in places. Prince of Wales and Revillagigedo islands are the largest of dozens of islands in the area, and the most heavily populated. Ketchikan is the largest city. Other communities include Metlakatla, Hydaburg, Craig, Klawock, and Thorne Bay, and a number of very small towns.


The transportation network consists the regular jet air service to Ketchikan, scheduled commuter flights to many communities, bush planes to most locations, the Alaska Marine Highway (state ferries), limited roads on Revillagigedo and a few other islands, and an extensive but largely gravel road network on Prince of Wales Island. The only connection to the North American road system is to the small community of Hyder on the mainland. Boats and float planes are used for transportation requirements to remote areas.


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Ketchikan weather is among Alaska's wettest, but also warmest. April and May are among the drier months in the area, but showers and storms are pretty typical. Fall is rainier, and hunters need good, durable raingear. Good quality tents and tarps are important for campers.

Destination Information Resources

The Chamber of Commerce in Ketchikan has a great website. Consult the Alaska Marine Highway if you plan to ship your vehicle, and most importantly, check out the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s website for more detailed information on hunting in Ketchikan. 

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Hunting Area Descriptions for Southeast Alaska

Ketchikan (southern Southeast)
Petersburg (central Southeast)
Sitka (west central Southeast)
Juneau (northern Southeast)

Hunting Area Descriptions for other regions of the state

Western & Arctic

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