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New forums ready for use
Posted by Webmaster on May 03 2006
We have set up new forum software for the Alaska Outdoors Forums.  We have configured the system and tested it and it�s now ready for the final test � actual forum use.

Our plan is to begin using this new forum while the old forum software is also running.  If we run into problems, we can return to the old forum.  If the new forum software performs as expected, we will make the old forum messages �read only� after a few weeks.  

We still have a few little bugs to work out.  For example, some images are missing in a few places, at least in some browsers. It seems to work fine in FireFox, but not in Internet Explorer and Safari.

I encourage you to post new threads at the new forum location.  Unless you have registered for the forums in the lasts few days, you�ll find your userid and password will work on the new forums in the same was as in the old.   You should log in each time you use the forum because if the system knows �who you are� it will show you more information.

There will be many questions as you use this new software.   See the �FAQ� link at the top of all the pages.  There is a LOT of information there on how to use the forums.

We have learned quite a bit about this new software, but there is still much we do not yet know.  This means we�ll be making some changes as we learn more about how this works.  

Here�s how to get to the new forums:  < >

David Johnson

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  • New forums ready for use Webmaster May 03 2006

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