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Not sure, but...
Posted by Doc on Dec 24 2005

Your experience with the oil light on your King Quad sounds interesting.  I had a 94 KQ up until last year.  They are great little machines.  Remember that the oil for the motor also lubricates the transmission...pulling the load in the snow and uphill puts strain on the system...even at 25 degrees...but the KQ is a tank and can definately do it.  The deal with your oil light coming on when you restarted it the next morning is a new one to me.  Don't know what to think of it.  Oil level is good, right?  You change it often right?

With my KQ the oil light would also come on more often than seemed necessary...until I started adding Duralube or Slick 50 to the oil.  I learned that trick after the second year I had it.  You might want to try it as well.  My oil light would NEVER come on as long as I had a quart of Duralube or Slick 50 added.  Also, I always changed my oil pretty often because I'd work the heck out of the machine.  There were a few oil changes over the years when I didn't add one or the other, and I occassionaly had overheating problems when pulling the meat wagon.  Change your oil and replace one quart of oil with a quart of Duralube or Slick 50.  I'll bet that does it for you.

Too bad they don't make the original KQ any longer.  Other than the crappy brakes and relative low ground clearance, they were perfect for Alaska...fifteen forward & three reverse gears, differential lock and independent rear suspension.

Good luck,


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