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A Couple Ideas....
Posted by akgloomis on Mar 01 2005
B_M is correct in what he is telling you, Alaska as big as it is, is not designed for a novice to run around in too much. One trip you could take is to make a reservation at the Skweetna Road House in Skweetna, Ak, then start your ride out from the Deshka Landing and ride the Big Su to the Yetna River and up to the Skweetna. From the road house there you could travel and play around going to Shell Lake then up to Finger Lake with out to may problems. You will need a map and some guidance but that should be easy to come by. THis is not a 4-5 day trip (your looking at 60-70 miles from the Deshka to Swkeetna)but you could see a lot of different terrain in a 2-3 day run. From the road house you could then go back down river to the Big Su then go to Alexander Creek and go into Eagle Song Lodge (I think that is the right name) which is at the base of Mount Susitna and see a whole lot more country. All of this is well with in reach of one another without having to load up and drive around. The only thing is that you will need some guidance to get to all these locations safely and not be out in the cold lost. If you have a GPS you could get the coordinants from these lodges and put them in your GPS to help with mapping.


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