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Flatbottom inboard tech advice
Posted by SuperDick on Feb 09 2006
I need advice/info for a project I MIGHT start.
The question: "Can I successfully install a small inboard jet into a flatbottom (read: ZERO deadrise) boat without cavitation problems"?
I don't want advice from people that have bought a SeaArk or Jetcraft XS and think that "my new production boat has the same thing and sure, it'll work". Or the inexperienced outboard crowd.
I need true boat builder and/or hydrodynamic engineering-type advice!!
That being said (hope I didn't exclude too many people) here is my project...
16' Quachita flatbottom boat w/ 60" beam
Motor/Jet will be similar to a watercraft setup.
Can weld a tunnel if needed.
Steering, throttle etc have been worked out already.
My worry is that with a true flatbottom boat, the jet intake will not perform as it typically does with other hull styles.
Other inboard jet boats, such as the ones mentioned above, have some deadrise, usually 7-15 degrees, with strakes that form water channeling guides. On step, these boats actually ride on the ~12-15" wide "pad" that forms the lowest part of the hull. The jet intake is at the stern where the majority of water is channeled.
Will a flatbottom cause too much cavitation and not enough channeling?
I've got some ideas about how to make this work, but I'm hoping you have some too!

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  • Flatbottom inboard tech advice SuperDick Feb 09 2006

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