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Trailer boats range?
Posted by Tracker on Jan 27 2006
First off, I want to say Howdy Everyone!
I'm over here in Iraq and dreaming about Alaska has become my favorite pastime.

Although I am not an experienced boat person, part of my dream consists of exploring parts of the Alaskan coastline in a small cuddy cabin. I tell ya, every time I see a picture of a lone boat anchored in a remote mountain cove, it brings out some powerful feelings in me. After reading that fellers story posted in the magazine section of this website, I've made up my mind its something I have to experience.

I'd like to go out for at least a month, do some fishing, set out a shrimp pot or two, and generally just explore the area. I'm basically looking for some remote solitude where I can relax and get the sounds and images of this war out of my head.

To make this happen, I'm shoppin on the various brands of 26 to 28 ft. aluminum-hulled, pilot-house boats favored for these waters. In an effort to maximize my range, I'm thinking on going the single engine route with kicker. I know this might be considered risky for long distances, but after being over here for nearly a year, I don't think it will worry me none.

For the sake of clarity, let's say I get the 26 footer. Let's also assume I spend about five-hours per day at cruising speed. My questions relate to, how big an engine to get, how much fuel to carry, and what would be my range? I'd rather not have to pull in for refueling any more than I have to.

Thanks everyone for making this website such a great place to visit.

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