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Wooldridge Alaskan
Posted by sport drifter on Jan 21 2006
Go with the Wooldridge, you can't go wrong with the Alaskan. It has been around for many years and the new wider model just improved on the design. I rode in the first wider one with a Yamaha 115 4 stroke in November.This is the one on Wooldridge website with the red stripe. We ran the shallows 4-6 inch wile turning tight turns and in the chop of the river, as well as larger rollers where you could surf the lower part of it. You could almost tread water then shoot on up the river without it cavitating at any time during the trip. There should be video of this trip at the coming up boat show in Feb in anch. There will be A 17.6 with a Suzuki 115 at the show. I don't know much about the Suzukis, but you can run a larger impeller in them since they have a gear reduction. I think the 115 will turn a 140hp impeller and the 140 will turn the 200hp impeller and they have a 6 year warranty. There is a few 140's Suzuki's in Fairbanks on 20ft Alaskan 2's. I have a 23ft Sport Drifter, and my father-in -law has a 25ft Deep water with 115 Yamahas, this is my third Wooldridge and they make a great boat. If you order one they can customize it to your special needs, where other builders have few choices.  

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