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Inflatable Jet Boats
Posted by Alaska Series Inflatable Boats on Jul 19 2005
FBKShunter you�re quite right 20HP at the pump is still 20HP and this limits how much weight and drag the motor can push.  For the most part 25 to 30 HP at the power head gives you between 18 and 20 HP at the pump. Most of these size 2-stroke outboards with a jet unit tend to weigh in at less than 140 pounds. That seems to be my personal horsepower rating because that�s the biggest motor I can lift and put on the transom by my self.  This seems to be the size limit of portability.  Much more motor then that and you might as well get a trailer.

The whole concept in the 401AJR Alaska Jet Ranger is to put it in the back of a PA18 Super Cub and fly it into the headwaters of Alaskan rivers where you often only have a couple inches of water and a whole lot of rocks to bounce off of.

As the designers of the Power Traveler are finding out�No mater how much horsepower you put on it!  You can�t just put a transom and a jet outboard motor on a raft and expect it to work.
The cavitations and hull flexing that happens when an inflatable boat pushes over it�s own bow wake are problems that have plagued inflatable boats with outboard jets for years.  These are just a few of the problems that I have solved with the 401AJR Alaskan Jet Ranger.

In my testing I�ve discovered when inflatable boats are used with outboard motors there are specific lengths where hull flex becomes a huge problem that must  be Addressed and engineered to maintain proper performance. The longer the boat the more this problem is exaggerated. With length you get leverage and the more leverage you have the more flex you get.  It�s simple physics.  

Good Boating

Jim King

Alaska Series Inflatable Boats,
Commercial quality at Wholesale prices
River Rafts, Catarafts, Inflatable Kayaks, Inflatable Canoes, Inflatable
Sport Boats, Inflatable Jet Boats, Tenders and Dinghies.
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