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Birch creek
Posted by SuperDick on May 20 2005
Crazy guy,
I've done Birch Cr. several times in early-mid June. Count on 10 days if you go from the mile 94 access to the Steese hwy bridge. It might only take you seven, but count on 10 days. During the spring you will obviously have more water in the river and any rain can exacerbate your situation. I once floated 4 miles down river holding onto my overturned canoe waiting for a fellow paddler to throw me a rescue line.  The river had swollen overnight and was traveling at about 11 knots.  This was in a very wide, somewhat meandering section. The story goes...I was acting foolishly and tried going over a submerged house, I mean boulder, and flipped the canoe. This is a great river to float but I recommend that you go travel with 2 or more boats...for safety.  There are 3 sets of rapids along the journey, getting sucessively larger. 1st falls are small, 2nd falls contain small rollers for an extened length (1/4-1/3 mile), but the 3rd falls should only be shot by experienced floaters or those who want a really wet adventure. You will know when you are approaching by the low rumble. The 3rd falls occur immediately after a 90 degree left turn. You have the option of lining your way down using the rocks on the port side.
My observations are based upon floating in a canoe.  I'm sure a raft would be a different story altogether.
There is also excellent fishing for Grayling.
Hope you can use this info.

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