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whittier trip
Posted by Daniel S on May 06 2005
I just got back in from two days down there. My first trip out in the achilles. It's a great boat, and I even got a little air in it. I ended up with a 30 hp four instead of the forty two stroke. Bad news is I only get about 25 knots out of it. Good news is I went to S. Culross cabin and back, and a few side trips, GPS says 59 NM, and only burned 6 gallons. It was pretty tame, like 1-2 feet out there, but when I hit that place in between Blackstone and Cochrane on the way back in, I'm guessing it was at least three. I was still doing pretty well at about 18, the swells were rolling towards the bays and I was kind of running down the middle of the troughs  and sliding over the tops, when just like that it was moving back towards me and I took three big ones in the face before I could get my direction changed. That was hairy!It calmed back down when I hit Decision point. I started out with some hydro foils on, and spent some time adjusting the motor, but no matter where I set it, when the boat got up I could feel the front and rear wanting to switch places. I took em off and maybe will try again when I actually have a load in it. My fishfinder works, but it's showing me a constant stream of fish at the surface. I'm guessing thats a bubble or something. I also lost one of my landing wheel bolts, not the bottom, the top one. I was backing out in Smitty's cove after launching , and detaching the wheels, when it just squirted out of my hand and I watched it drop for about fifteen feet. I think dummy cords are in order. I paid for it by having to haul 150 lbs of motor and 300 pounds of boat up that ramp by myself. That sucked. At least I lost it on day two, I guess. Another good thing was my NRS dry bag. I packed both it and the Sealline around I have to say the NRS bag is definitely superior.(Thanks Tracy) Another cool thing was about two rocky points out of whittier on the south side a seal picked me to do a neat trick. I was puttin along, he came up right next to me(scared the hell out me) turned sideways at the last minute and kind of water walked sideways next to me. He actually hit my boat with his flipper as he dove and dissapeared. Neat stuff, and no camera. All in all it was a good little scouting trip for my vacation.

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