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Posted by Swissy on Mar 16 2005
I was looking into the Harbercraft/Kingfishers but after talking to a few guys that have them I'm waiting for them to 'mature'. (There was a 2525 in the Anchorage paper recently for sale.)

Go to the  harbercraft webpage ( and read thru the forums. One guy had some buckleing on his hull, another had leaks, and one guy was re-doing his entire wiring system (wasn't marine grade tinned wire). Some of the posts were removed, but not sure if they are still talking about it. That was this summer.

I posted some questions about them (specified Alaska) and a few guys contacted me off-board. Of course, they may be the more vocal ones but I did go to dinner at one guys house and looked at the buckles. His biggest gripe was [EDITED: a boat shop] in Anchorage was dragging their feet something bad and most others I talk to (not just Harbercraft owners) say [shop name] has the worst service dept bar none. Said they were happy to get them out the door but not very much so to have them come back. The other thing he mentioned (and I saw) was that all the fixtures inside (toliet, faucet, hinges, etc) was lower quality. They use lower priced components inside to keep the cost down. Funny thing tho- when I asked him point blank if he'd buy one again he said yes, as long as they had made a few changes. He likes his 28 footer, and despite the shortcomings he is still happy with it.

Me... I'm waiting for them to either make some improvements or I'm going with something like the Glaciercraft made in Anchorage (

Happy Boating!

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