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Pot Puller Answers
Posted by John S on Jan 25 2005
Sorry I disappeared for a while.  Ice fishing and snowmachining kept me away from a computer.

The "ace line hauler" from dewey's isn't cheap.  It ran around $550.00.  I'm always looking for the best deal, so I shopped, even buying it in Canada I couldn't get it any cheaper than Dewey's in Anchorage.  Plus no sales tax and no shipping (if you pick it up)or cheap shipping within the state.  (I had it shipped to Sterling.)  The only downrigger mount it works with are the Scotty Mounts, but only the bigger ones, not the little hand operated ones on my boat.  I just installed a scotty fixed pad on the rail of my boat, works great.  Then I installed a Scotty electrical plug to power it.  I talked to the manufacturer on the phone about some installation questions I had and they were very helpful.

As far as weight in my pots go.  I learned my method last year on the fishing forum.  I bought two pieces of rebar for each pot precut to the length of my pots at Home Depot.  Then I painted them with some of that plastisizing paint and ty wrapped them to opposite sides of the bottom of each pot.  Some people told me they use rocks.  I've been happy with my weights and haven't had my pots drift away on me.  Another thing I learned was to use Dark Green buoys, because of the problem of people stealing others gear in PWS.  Works GREAT!!  Can't find them without a GPS.  I don't care if they are run over beacause they are tied to sinking leaded long line bought at BJ's in Anchorage.  No line on the surface to wrap anyones prop.


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