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The Wolves of Alaska

Click to order!A Fact-Based Saga

by Jim Rearden

Softcover. 335 pages. 6"x9"x1". Published by Pictorial Histories Publishing Co.,Inc. Copyright 2002. ISBN: 1-57510-099-1

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(From the back cover of the book)  Alaska has announced that wolves are to be killed on the Tanana Flats, near Fairbanks, to allow a moose population to rebuild.  A pretty Boston school teacher, representing an animal rights organization, arrives to "save" Alaska's wolves.  As she becomes involved, her initial antagonistic relationship with a wolf biologist slowly changes as she learns about wolves and Alaska.

The Wolves of Alaska- front coverJim Rearden is Alaska's most popular outdoors journalist.  He holds two degrees in wildlife management and was Professor of Wildlife Management at the University of Alaska Fairbanks 1950-54.  As a member of the Alaska Board of Game 1975-82 he helped develop the Tanana Flats wolf control program.  He details with historical accuracy the controversy that irrupted when the 1975 program was announced.

Counterpointing the modern  controversy, Rearden includes exciting segments of his bes-selling Alaska's Wolf Man book, the story of Frank Glaser, Alaska's first full time government wolf hunter who hunted wolves in the Territory of Alaska 1915-1955.

The Wolves of Alaska - back coverAlaska's wolves are the main characters in this historically and biologically accurate recounting,.  Included are vivid anecdotes about wolves, with descriptions of their behavior and way of life, examples of their intelligence, expression of appreciation for their charm and beauty, as well as an honest look at their savage efficiency as predators and relationship to urban and rural Alaskans.

"Jim Rearden, with his background in wildlife management - one time head of the University of Alaska Fairbanks wildlife department, twelve years as a member of the boards of fisheries and games, and many years as a professional outdoor writer - is the perfect person to put into context the Alaska wolf controversy.  A must read." Ray Tremblay, one time Alaska trapper and long-time Special Agent, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 55 years in Alaska.

"A highly entertaining and accurate saga of Alaska's wolves and man during the past seventy five years." James Faro, retired wildlife biologist, Alaska Dept. Fish and Game.

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The Wolves of Alaska page 32

The Wolves of Alaska page 49

  The Wolves of Alaska page 143


The Wolves of Alaska page 111

The Wolves of Alaska page 259

The Wolves of Alaska page 301

Table of Contents


Hooked on Wolves: The market hunter
The Ambassador: I enlist: Savage River
The campaign: The Black Pack
Hell breaks loose: Savage River wolves
The crises: Professor Rearden: The wolf dogs
Fairbanks in December: Letters
Board member: Pat's say: A daytime hunt
Educating Pat: Nature's way
Staff report: Pat is hired: Glaser's wolf dogs
Kenai: Wolf dog problems
Pat's approach: Snow: Captive wolf: Moose kill
About wolves
Northway elder: The neighborhood killers
The flight: Glaser's new career
The governor speaks: Park observation
Davy's arm: Lord Balmar: Saving reindeer
Grant leaves: My caribou article: Amaguq Frank
Anaktuvuk: Ren's wolf notes: Pat's fur parka
Wolf den: Moose kill: Lady: Aerial wolf hunt
The Teller Wolf
Pat resigns: Love prevails: Moose John and Punyuk
Wolverine village: Uncle Toby: Glaser retires
Success in 20A
The Nelchina mystery: Wolf summit: Harbo's plan
Bunde's resolution: Wolf consensus?

Fictional characters and names
Nonfiction characters
About Jim Rearden

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