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Deltana Outfitters offers Alaska peninsula brown bear hunts for trophy brownies

Johnnie Laird's Muskeg Excursions hunts black bear and brown bear in the fjord country of Southeast Alaska


Last of the Great Brown Bear Men

Click to order!Pinnell and Talifson

by Marvin H. Clark, Jr.

ISBN 0-937708-03-8 224 pages Dimensions 5.5 X 8.5 X 0.6 inches 1980. B&W pictures. Great Northwest Publishing & Distributing Co.

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(From the back cover of the book.) Bill Pinnell and Morris Talifson created a world-famous legacy for bear hunters. They have guided over 1000 sportsmen since 1949, including princes and diplomats, some of the world's most famous outdoorsmen, and big game hunters from every walk of life. Their clients have accounted for one-third of all Kodiak Brown Bear listed in Last of the Great Brown Bear MenRecords of North American Big Game, published by the Boone and Crockett Club of New York. No other guides in Alaska's history have ever matched the Pinnell and Talifson's record-book success, and probably none ever will. Pinnell and Talifson truly are the LAST OF THE GREAT BROWN BEAR MEN.

Back cover of Last of the Great Brown Bear MenThe rigors of nature, the excitement of the stalk, and the total thrill of the hunt are recorded in this book written by one who has experienced many hunts with Bill Pinnell and Morris Talifson. These are not tales of simply killing huge Brown Bear, but contain the very essence of outdoor life as Pinnell and Talifson have known it for over half of a century.  Their story begins in Montana where they were fur farmers, and relates many memories of the hardships they endured as vagabond gold miners during the Great Depression. Those hardships formed the two guides of Olga Bay, and this book tells how they have become the last great vestiges of a bygone era left on Kodiak Island.





Introduction to the last of the great brown bear men on Kodiak Island.

II How Pinnell and Talifson became the men they are today--the formative years.
III P&T's entry into the North Country.
IV How P&T became guides.
V P&T took root as guides by laying a proper groundwork.
VI P&T guided their hunters to three trophies that were pictured in their OUTDOOR LIFE ad for more then a quarter of a century.
VII The story of how Talifson's hunter bagged what may have been the largest bear ever taken by P&T. "That bear was so big," says Morris, "that it looked like a car!"
VIII Talifson's hunter shot a huge brown bear that stood up on its hind feet just 12 feet away. This bear made "the book."
IX Pinnell guided two elderly lawyers who escaped from city canyons to hunt brown bear on Kodiak Island.
X P&T guided a whole family of bear hunters, establishing a legacy of Kodiak bear hunting.
XI Same as above.
XII After a hair-pulling and near disastrous hunt of the sort most guides shudder to think about, Talifson's hunter finally bagged the trophy of his dreams -- a ten-foot six-inch brown bear.
XIII P&T toured the "Lower-48," showing their movie to prospective hunters. Bill Pinnell's talkative nature helped P&T succeed.
XIV This P&T hunter took a large brown bear that scored high in the Boone and Crockett Club "record book". Talifson explains how the bear might have become bear number-one if a large chunk had not been shot out of its skull.
XV Bill Pinnell fought to get a law passed that would stop the killing of sows with cubs.
XVI P&T also hunted arctic grizzly bear for 15 years.
XVII Bill Pinnell, hunter and packer were charged at just 27 feet by a 1,407 pound Kodiak brown bear.
XVIII P&T explain why some brown bear charge.
XIX Talifson and his hunter were charged by a ten-footboar that died just 16 feet away.
XX Talifson and his hunter pursued a wounded brown bear into thick alders -- a dangerous and hair-raising experience.
XXI Pinnell and Talifson explain the hunting methods they've used for 30 years.
XXII The politics of brown bear hunting.
XXIII A final hunt with Bill Pinnell, age 77 in 1975, and Alaska's oldest active guide.
XXIV One of the Last of the Great Brown Bear Men, Morris Talifson describes a bicentennial hunt and observes a setting sun at Olga Bay.

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