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Alaska caribou hunting reports:

Fortymile, Nelchina  
and Mulchatna Caribou Herds

from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game


The Alaska Division of Wildlife Conservation has initiated caribou information "hotlines" to provide hunters with up-to-date information about three important Alaska caribou herds. These recordings are updated during the hunting season and occasionally at other times to provide recent caribou hunting information.

Caribou are often, but not always, found in the wide open areas of Alaska alpine and subalpine foothills.  These hunters have found two caribou and are packing back to camp.The Fortymile Caribou Herd ranges in the Tanana Hills from north of Fairbanks to the Canadian border. Once the largest herd in the state, it is now the subject of an intensive recovery program. Some hunting opportunities exist in Alaska, but game managers urge hunters with the means to do so to take caribou from other herds.

[907] 267-2310

(Successful Alaska caribou hunters on the way back to camp.  Photo by Steve DuBois)

The Nelchina Caribou Herd is centered in the Nelchina Basin, northeast of Anchorage. It is the state's largest road accessible caribou herd. Current regulations allow only Alaska residents to take Nelchina caribou. All hunters need a Tier II (qualified Alaska residents) permit. Game managers are working to keep the size of the herd to keep it in balance with its range, so permit numbers and other conditions change from year to year.  The season is subject to closure by emergency order.  

[907] 267-2304

Mulchatna caribouThe Mulchatna Caribou Herd was, until recently, one of the fastest growing in Alaska. It ranges west of Anchorage, primarily in the huge Mulchatna River drainage.  This hunting opportunity for visitors and Alaska residents alike is not as good as it once was, but there are still reasonable numbers of animals available in some areas.  Best access is in August and September before freeze up in October or November. Numerous air taxi operators provide access to the herd

 (Mulchatna hunter photo by  Deltana Outfitters)

[907] 267-2308




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