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bad bison hunt?
Posted by Magnum Man on May 04 2006
First off Im posting this as a public awareness type message. And i dont really have any hard facts but But my friend who is an honest upstanding good hearted religious man without a mean bone in him and would have no gain by stretching the truth.

Heres what happened.
He went on his first real big game hunt in kodiak a month ago. Hes in love with cape buffalo so decided to go big and get a bison for his first kill. Not sure exatly where but he hunted on a ranch and had a guide. he was also hunting with another man from juneau who suggested the hunt in the first place.

Getting to the the point. He paid 4800 bucks for his pick of the animal too shoot. He and the guy he was with both shot bison. The guide said out of all the bison killed off the ranch my friends was the biggest they ever got. The other got a younger smaller animal prob 2 yr old.

After the bison was skinned and caped head off and backboned out he dropped off 780+pnds of meat at the butcher shop.

A couple days ago when he received his meat on ak air the shipping bill said 450 or so pounds. The guy with the way smaller bison recieved 350 or so.

See where this is going? It gets better. the guide sent the meat prepaid to juneau. My friend looked at the freight bill that was $380 or so prepaid. the guide told him he had to pay 500 for shipping. and another 500 for processing at the butcher. The butcher qouted him 50 cents a pound.  .50x780=$390

It gets better. he order roasts, sausage, brats, burger,and the heart wrapped seperatly. All he got was some brats some steaks and burger. No heart, no roasts, no sausage,All this and his meat shipment was 300pnds lite.

He tried to contact the guide first but his phone was out of order so he called the butcher next. The butcher said he would look into it and call back. Then later the guide called back giving my friend a hard time for calling the butcher first event though he admitted his phone was not working. The guide said he would look into it. the butcher never called back so he called the butcher and got another empoyee that had no explanation of where the missing meat was.

This is only opinion and speculation don't quote any of this message plz. But my take on this is after the butcher took care of the meat the guide "may" have taken his bounty while delivering the meat to the airport then on top of that overcharged him for the freight and the butcher fee. Seems my buddy is getting it coming and going. Im only telling you this because my bud is a softy and too easy going to make an issue of it but Im not. I think the guide saw him as target and took advantage and got the butcher to help cover his tracks.

Hopefully the guide is reading this and when he is done wallowing with overwhelming guilt he will send the rest of the meat!!

Sorry before beeing long winded but ya gotta speak your mind sometimes.

Ps. whats the expected %poundage loss at the butcher?

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