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Posted by AlaskaCub on Apr 26 2006
This is one of those, depends on what fish and game interprets. I could have sworn it used to read that you couldn't shoot a grizz within 1 mile of a bait station registered to you, however I just fumbled through the regs and all it says is that you may not hunt a grizz/brown bear over a bait station or scent lures. I remember years ago there was a guy busted for shooting a grizz that he attempted to seal and Law enforcement did a little investigation and found he had a bear bait station registered nearby and they tried to convict him of shooting a grizz on his bait, he hired a hot shot lawyer from Anchorage and ended up getting off. As you know Frank, I like baiting on the rivers and a lot of griz like to cruise the rivers edge along the rivers in the evenings when you would be either coming back from the bait and or going to it, wouldn't hesitate to bust one that wasnt IMO opinion going to or coming from my bait. My stations are not far off the river so its a call you have to make. I have had several opportunities to bust a grizz on a bait if I wanted to , but being illegal and all, just isn't worth it in any shape or form. This one would be worth a call to the Troopers to clarify, not ADF&G but the Troopers, been down that road before, I have learned its best to talk to the guys that are going to arrest you for it!

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