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Lentfer Ram and why we pursue the grail
Posted by kaboku68 on Apr 23 2006
Ten years ago I was out of college long on time but short on dough.
I called up Jack Lentfer who was a retired biologist who lives in Homer.
The Lentfer Ram is ranked third in the all time records. Not many pictures of
it but it is heavy and carries mass better than any other dall taken.

I asked him about it.
He said that he was working for the US forest Service at the time. He worked his way back into the mountains after the end of the fire season. He was hunting it solo and found it on
one of the ridges off of the valley.
This is in a non-permit area that presently is really getting slammed. At that time though
he might have been one of the first guys to really work that country.
Presently three registered guides, 100 hunters and even some hunters from SE who blazed their own trail and use wheelbarrows to take 36 inch rams(small full curls that are young uns in that area) all hunt that area. It is unlikely that a monster such as the Lentfer ram will
be taken there again but all of the really serious sheep hunters still make a go of it.

The huge hassle of measuring and then re-measuring has some hunters at ends with
the books. I think that an Alaskan Record book that we could certify like the Trophy
Fish awards would be better.

The thing that makes it interesting is that the Lentfer ram represents the ideal. A motivated young solo hunter goes in alone and comes back with a monster who would have died up in a scree field in some spring avalanche.

I have also seen moose that make the book. One fell into a creek through thin ice in December and died out near Nulato.
The custodian believed and measured it and positively felt that it was a world record. It probably was more than 75" with double palms like the Klineberger moose.

I remember my students took a monster caribou up in Ambler. big 14 inch double shovles 25 pts per side with 20 in back points and a huge spread. They believed it was the biggest caribou that they had ever seen. Caribou tend to run small because of the Reindeer blood in NW Arctic but I can tell you that it was not typical. I know that the Principal of the school hauled it out when he left so there is a wr class caribou out in Florida.

These were exceptional animals that haunt our dreams. Paleolithic hunters would worship the biggest trophies. There was some sort of aura or magic that comes from respecting these great animals.  The Custodian or the kids had the least interest in entering them into
Boone and Crockett but they did recognize the singular excellence and the primal presence of these overmature super critters.

I think that you should respect animals for what they give and hunt them for meat first
but I also feel that sometimes we are driven by the same old competitive quest to
harvest the ram or the moose with the golden fleece.

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