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Record Books, Trophies and Ethics
Posted by 257wby on Apr 21 2006
Well, lets see, I guess record books are legal but they serve no purpose to me.  I've shot big animals and small animals and the most important thing was the hunt and the companions. Any more, I could give a rip if anybody but me appreciates "my" trophies and likewise, I could give a rip about anyone else's. Hunting is not a competition among humans, it a competiton between hunter and prey. period.
    Ethics, I am so tired of hearing about ethics.  I compare it to the old church biddies clucking about why they haven't seen me in church. I go to church when it suits me and it's nobodies business. Somehow a chapel doesn't get me closer to God than sunrise in a duck pond. And that's how I see these ethics "police" harping away at fellow hunters.  Hunting is a private individual matter very similar to a person's spiritual faith.  There again, it's none of your business...If I'm legal then the rest I have to live with not you. Just because you hunt with a blindfold and rubber tipped arrows doesn't make you better or worse than me, it just makes us different.  period.

Trophies, I have hunted Alaska several times and I didn't know it at the time, but my last time there most likely was my last time hunting there. I can take a hint, you don't want me. Spouting off on this forum about how non-res are wrecking the state, raising the fees and now trophy fees, too.  Thanks but no thanks.  My next trip will be to Africa with my friends. And as far as trophies go, most if not all will be with camera.  Make no mistake about it, but I will be hunting and shooting and killing, but the expense of trophy prep, dipping, shipping and taxidermy, I can be well on my way back again with the money not spent on these expenses.  And who wants the horns anyway?  My kids don't. I've seen lots of widows and kids worry about what to do with all the "trophies" after the old man dies.  Me, My trophies are on paper and in my mind...and I'll be spending more time "doing" and less time looking at dusty horns on the wall.

Guess I'm rambling...but I think you get where I'm coming from...record books? who cares...trophies?  who cares, my god people..get out there and do it!  don't just talk about the past.


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