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44 vs. 6ft black bear
Posted by AlaskaCub on Jan 20 2006
About 10 years ago I watched a friend take his first black bear ever with a 44 with those Alaska Backpacker brass looking bullets at 6 steps on a bear bait. Completely rolled the bear but that did not slow him down as soon as he got done rolling he was on his feet haulin a$$ and went like 70 yards through the trees before dieing. That bear weighed probably 300 lbs tops nice interior black bear. That bear had a hole through one side of him you could put your whole arm through. Now multiply that bear times 3 and give him something specific to be pissed off at "YOU" I wouldn't put my money in your corner. Yes it is possible you will avoid death but I wouldn't bet on it. I remember reading an article in Field and stream years ago where two Montana Elk hunters were found dead in their spike camp with a beautiful elk they had harvested and a large grizzly sow found dead nearby with 6 44 mag bullet holes in her and she was still able to kill both hunters before expriring some 60 yards away from the closest body and the other body was like 80 yards  from her. Both hunters had discharged their side arms to no avail I would suspect as they are not here to tell us what happened. I am not going to tell anyone what to do but I'll tell you that I am not generally scared of bears as I have spent my fair share of time around them. But when I am in BROWN bear country I will have something lethal (338) with me at all times. I have had 2 close encounters with interior grizzlies and north slope grizzlies while taking a shi! 40 yards from camp and had no weapon any where near me but I clearly distinguish the difference between the overgrown southern brown bears and interior to north slope grizzlies. The bears I have had close encounters with were not 800+ lbs they were 250-400 lb bears not that they are not dangerous at that size but less horsepower is needed to brake them down IMO.The Northern griz and the southern brown are 2 different critters all together. Its like shooting a big Texas Whitetail and shooting a Colorado Bull Elk. I have brought this up in the past as we see this post regularly , when I first came to Alaska I used to carry a Colt Ananconda 44 everywhere I went in this state fishing or hunting before one day realizing that I am trudging this thing all over He!! and back for what? A 300 Win Mag is going to do a lot more damage than this 5 lb weight belt I am toating and I sold it and never bought another one. As far as I am concerned if its your time its your time! A Barrett isn't going to make a difference if its your time. Not a bad way to go though in such a beautiful place doing what you love to do!The funny thing to me is nobody writes a post on this Forum about what the best defense is for their truck while driving the glenn Highway in Jan between Fairbanks and Valdez to avoid being killed by a head on collision with a jacka$$ which is a much more likely way to die than what we have all been debating! Going at the mercy of North Americas' top predator on the food chain sounds a lot better than going at the mercy of a head on collision with a Ford F350 being driven a drunk Jacka$$! Those trajedys happen pretty regularly.My .02

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