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About the air rifle...
Posted by Michael Strahan on Dec 11 2004

I realize that this should probably be in the shooting forum, but who are you to tell me where to post?  There is more traffic here and I'll post where I darn well please.  I know you didn't mean anything by it though, and your apology is accepted.

I do in fact have a new-in-box, original Daisy BB gun which was given to me by Mr. Daisy Senior himself many years ago.  It was a tip from a guided squirrel safari on which he was my guest for sixty-three days.  The man is a phenomenal shot, and took one of each of the sixteen species of squirrel found in Alaska, as we made our way through the plains of the high Arctic, to the rainforests of Southeast Alaska.  He didn't just settle for representative heads, either.  He's a very selective trophy hunter who harvested only bulls past their prime, which had been isolated from the breeding herds because of old age.  I was truly humbled by his gift, and will treasure it always.  Speaking of humility, I've been told that that is one of my best qualities, and something I should be proud of.  I agree.  I also have an original single-shot Red Ryder which I had customized for Alaska conditions.  It's been Parkerized, has a synthetic stock, and I had a muzzle brake installed to reduce recoil.  Wow that thing could give me bruises!  A while back I started reloading my own BBs and have noticed a dramatic increase in accuracy.  If we had the ability to post photos here, I'd show you my most recent five-shot group from last weekend at the range.  You could cover all the holes with a gallon milk jug, and I was shooting from distances approaching 20 yards.  I'm excited to get a chance to try the new speed-loader I purchased recently; it should accelerate my ability to get that extra round in the chamber when things get dicey.  Next, I'm going to work on loading across the breech with my weak hand, shooting across my back, and shooting while hanging with one leg over the saddle at full gallop.  You never know when you might have to take such a shot in the field, and I'm a believer in thorough preparation.  I'm also considering a slide-action BB pistol as a backup weapon; it could be handy for fighting my way back to my rifle in an attack situation.

Other than that, I keep a lever-action Daisy near the night stand for home defense; it's one of those ones with the saddle ring.  It makes me feel like a real man walking around the house with that thing, jacking a round in with one hand, just like The Rifleman.  In fact, my burglar alarm is the actual theme song from that series.  Most of them run off as soon as it gets halfway through the first stanza, and those who remain behind are usually intimidated staring down the bore of that old battle-scarred Daisy, while I dare them to "make my day".  The only problem with it is that it's a lefty (boy, I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous), and sometimes I get confused when I grab it in the dark.

I didn't want to make you jealous, but I couldn't resist the temptation to brag a bit more on my accomplishments, and my equipment acquisitions.  For those in the market, I'd strongly suggest taking a good look at Daisy.  You should know that I get nothing out of referring you to them other than the satisfaction of telling you what to do.

Hope this helps!


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