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durn near forgot somethin' my brother Darrel tol'
Posted by Darreld Walton on Dec 10 2004
Him, an' my other brother Daryl, they went down on the river bottoms one nice fine day.  They was a hole bunch of squirrels out there, gatherin' nuts and such, chatterin up a storm and all.  Anyhow, Daryl, who generally has a can a Skoal in his pocket, had wore a great big ol' hole in the back end of his pants.  He'd done drug the excess off the legs, so they fit real comfortable and all, anyhows, this hyear one squirrel spots ol' Daryl's 'nuts' through that there hole in his britches, and dives in, only to find out that they ain't quite ripe nuff to come off the vine, as it were, things got a mite excitin', but not near as excitin' as when Darrel spots that squirmin' bulge in Daryl's pants, (sorta like Mary Lou's sweater that looks like a couple bobcats fightin in a gunnysack) and mistakes it fer a come on fer some lovemakin'.  Daryl can't decide whether to grab the squirrel, or bust Darrel in the chops, and apparently, it was funnier'n hell.  Took a while fer the scars to heal up, tho...
So, if yer out there, protect yerself.  Some of that there body armor ought'n work real well, but I think a guy'd do well with a number 2 tomato can and some twine.  Jist a word to the wise...

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